My Mission

The passionate pursuit of finding the right information to improve the lives of every client and every customer I am privileged to have contact with, every day.

My Values

Integrity: I try to always do the next right thing, even when it means turning down work if it doesn't make sense.

Gratitude:I operate from gratitude, for business and customer feedback. They are gifts of both time and money.

Intelligence: I love working with smart people, learning from others and I enjoy the search for finding out what we don't know...yet.

Humility:I'm not going to pretend to be the expert in the room, because I never am, unless we are talking about ice cream.

Hard Work: A strong work ethic is in my DNA, I was lucky to be raised by parents who believed in the value of working hard, then taking a bike ride to DQ.

Precision:My dad was an accountant, my mom a nurse. Mistakes should be avoided at all costs. Or like my brother says, "If you want something done right, ask my dad."




I love working with people who have fun at their job and are willing to think outside the box. I like work with companies that are authentically trying to improve the lives of others.

When I'm not sitting in front of my MAC, I like to run and eat and read. Not at the same time. I am a podcast and book fanatic following anything on marketing trends, business success stories, health trends, and creating happiness and good habits.

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My Past Work

People come to me with their questions, so I have been answering those questions through lots of different methods over the past 20 years.

Check out my portfolio for a few of the highlights.